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Welcome to GO GREEN ECO TECHNOLOGIES , We are a team of professional experts  in the engine carbon cleaning ,car detailing, and  steam wash services. Our focus is always on trust and value for our customers. We believe we are the best in the business  we strive to be ahead of our competition, Go GREEN ECO TECHNOLOGIES is the only choice when your car needs special attention ,we know how to take care of your car.

Our professional car care products have been carefully selected to deliver optimum results. We use the latest car cleaning technology to meet environmental standards. From our extensive experience we know how you, as a vehicle owner would expect us to pamper your car.


Think of your engine like a fireplace. When the fireplace burns fuel it releases fumes, waste byproducts of smoke and carbon. In a fireplace the fumes go out the flu and deposit along the flu walls on the way out. The more fuel you burn the more caked on the deposits become, eventually blocking off the airflow of the flu and impacting the fireplace’s ability to warm the house.

It’s similar in a car. When the fuel burns, it releases the same kind of waste byproducts which deposit themselves on the intake manifold,DPF, EGR, Oxygen sensor and more.


No dismantling of engine parts, simple operation with 20 minutes double cleaning reaches a double effect.

In the past, the removal of carbon deposits from engine components formed part of a vehicle maintenance schedule and required time-consuming procedures or expensive equipment and chemicals.  HHO technology changes this.

HHO carbon cleaner 6.0 is suitable for any gas, diesel engine, mobile or static, and is used to help remove carbon build-up on an extensive range of engines. We service all types of engines from passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, commercial trucks and vans, motorcycles, buses, all marine vessels, as well as farm and construction equipment and power generators.

HHO carbon cleaner 6.0 consumes water by electrolysis, into its components; pure hydrogen and oxygen gases. This gas mixture is now commonly referred to as HHO. With the engine idling, HHO with cleaner agent are simply fed into the combustion chamber via the air intake where it burns, along with the fuel, to reform water vapour. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen enrichment create conditions for carbon to be gently burned off from piston crowns, valves and other components to form carbon dioxide and water vapour. In addition, the water vapour that is formed cannot condense due to the high temperature. So it effectively steam cleans the combustion chamber and associated components from the inside without any dismantling. The carbon deposits are progressively removed and pass out through the exhaust pipe. In the other hand, carbon cleaner keeps cleaning from entering into air intake to the exhaust pipe, what’s more, it forms a protective film to attached to engine parts. For a car engine the process is complete in just 20 minutes.

It’s a simple and safe process and requires no dismantling of engine parts or the use of harmful chemical products. We recommended using the HHO carbon cleaner 6.0 to do carbon cleaning service as part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule.

8 Benefits Your Customers Receive With Carbon Cleaning Services

Restoring engine performance

Reducing intermittent acceleration cut-out

Reducing engine Noise

Preventing wear of expensive engine parts

Reducing Exhaust Smoking

Improving conditions for vehicle inspections for pollution levels

 Increases engine lifespan

Saving on fuel